Arpit S Patel (GUDDU) (POR )
Education: Diploma Computer Eng. 

Bharat Patel

Arpit C Patel (Vavol)
Education:  BBA.
MBA Student

Mihir Patel (Ambapur)   (Standing )
Eduction:  B.E. Computer
Experience: Satyam Computer Pune

Bhavik Patel (Unava)
Education:  B.E. Automobiles.
Experiance:  Lecturer  

› We are Volunteers

Working Group members in DGLPS Core Team are volunteer developers, designers, administrators who have worked together to take DASGAM SAMAJ PORTAL! To new heights in its relatively short term period to published it online.

DASGAM SAMAJ have some wonderfully talented people who had accepted challanges to develope this portal and convert it into opportunities to keep this portal as a Virtual Point of Contact with each other to share information, news and upcoming events which getting arranged in futures.

We also need more volunteers who can help us to develop this portal to provide much more facilities, knowledge, information etc. Through which our DASGAM Samaj will grow in sync with world in all the manners and we can put it on a world map with latest information.

V => Vigor that has been brought in DAS GAM
O => Oportunity that they have gripped to
L => Life you share with DAS GAM
U => Unconditional love you show for peoples need
N => Nurturing you give in all ways you can (knowledge)
T => Time to spent to keep DASGAM Samaj in Sync with World
E => Encouragements that u give for the youngsters
E => Energy you have possess for working hard
R => Reason for which you preffered to be a volunteer 

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